You Can't Stop the Beat is the final show stopping song number in the Hairspray (2007 film). It takes place during the Miss Teenage Hairspray Pageant of 62'.

Plot Edit

The song begins as Corny prepares to read the votes. Before he can announce Amber as the winner, Tracy shows up, dressed in a checkerboard-style dress and with straight and highlighted hair, and interrupts him, he then announces her to the audience. Tracy starts to sing, and as she does she gets in Amber's face and at the same time Amber is ostracized by her fellow dancers. Amber tries to get Link to comfort her but he decides to dump her for jason

He and Tracy start dancing and singing together and as Amber attempts to steal the throne, Maybelle's dancers ambush her and raise it into the air. As Tracy and Link finish their duet, he decides to give Inez her 15 minutes of fame. After she finishes dancing Seaweed pulls Penny onto the stage. After they finish dancing Penny declares her love for him. Amber is trying to get off the throne and in the process her dress is caught on the bar, tearing slightly. Meanwhile Velma and the security guards who have been locked out force their way into the studio. Corny then announces the winner who is Inez. Velma and Amber watch horrified as Corny integrates his show, though Amber's horror turns to intrigue when she spies a handsome black dancer. Amber decides that she's fine with losing and says they should join the dance. Furious, Velma tells Amber that she swapped the ballots. After her outburst is broadcast on television thanks to Edna filming it, she is fired by Mr. Spritzer.

Corny then invites anyone to join the dance. Edna decides to get her share and jumps in dancing in a beautiful sequent dress and she is joined by Inez and Tracy. After she rushes back to Wilbur, Corny decides he's done listening to Velma and pulls Maybelle onto the stage. After Maybelle dances the stage explodes into a dancing show number. Inez is crowned as Miss Teenage Hairspray. Penny, Seaweed, Edna and Wilbur watch as Tracy and Link share their first kiss.

Role of singers for this songEdit

Link - backing vocals. 

Tracy - lead vocals and backing vocals 

Seaweed - lead vocals and backing vocals

Penny - lead vocals and backing vocals

Edna - lead vocals and backing vocals

Maybelle - lead vocals and backing vocals

Dancers - backing vocals

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