The Hairspray Wiki Rules

  • No Spamming- Don't put untrue facts about Hairspray on the Wiki because we want to see our Wiki improve on it's articles, and not be a place of fiction about the movie and (or) Broadway musical. Spamming is also an act of creating mass amounts of content in the comments of articles, pages, e.c.t.
  • No Excessive Cussing- It would be much appreciated if the users would not cuss often as they do now. If a new Wikia user joins this Wiki, we would not want them to feel uncomfortable about our community. Try to limit your swearing.
  • Do Not Flame- Flaming is an act of causing grief to another user. Insulting someone would be a result of flame.
  • Do Not Recreate deleted pages- If a page and (or) your page got deleted, It was deleted by an Administrator for a reason. Complaining to a Admin will not help you.
  • No Sockpuppeting- Sockpuppeting is the act of using multiple accounts. Any user caught holding more than one account will be faced with a punishment.

Please do not comment on THIS page unless it is not important! It does not need any feedback, unless it is necessary or if it really helps the Wiki (it will get checked by one of our active Administrators as soon as possible)! If there are anything you would like to add, please message our head Bureaucrat, LukeRebuke on his Talk Page at this link: --LukeRebuke (talk) (UTC)

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