Insight of several things, and sympathy of being teased even if your attitude is actually quite positive or even if you're quite strong about what you're experiencing, same thing with being teased about your wisdom. I'm sorry your culture even gets teased about stuff such as hair do Elijah Kelley, and there's nothing wrong with  your shortness or your face's shape. My understanding of not wanting to see the first film of Hairspray again doesn't just do with understanding how it feels to be forced to give up old ways that you yourself would rather continue to remember or how quick you can be feared even if you're quite gentle / loyal / friendly, other bits of understanding your thought of the first film of Hairspray also does with my new African American friend Tyrel Williams being born in San Bernardino which even sounds like a big neighborhood hard to stay in or not simple to report the truth of crimes from such areas it's the internet that shows this problem, plus I don't like aggressive movie scenes myself. I don't know if Baltimore and San Bernardino are equally scary but I know it's the strong courage of your culture that's helped you survive so many unnecessary harsh events other people rudely force your culture to go through even when you do nothing wrong and you're actually quite calm showing some real bravery near a foe. To me Elijah Kelley your personal speech on YouTube your speech shared on some contact sites or the styles of speech your culture speaks in that quickly confuse the majority of people ( Nicest squirrel in the nest meaning most cooperative person at this house for example ) insight of some strange sounding quotes I find nothing wrong with the expressions Africans use.  Hidden family history, real insight that I can even surprise public people with, and sympathy of being quite the opposite of how someone judges you I've been able to understand Africans all three ways I actually know more African facts than Mexican facts but I know even less about Spain's people. I can't control my enthusiasm of Africa's  ancient time. I'm even quite pleased to buy a necklace with an ancient African symbol which I'm suddenly wearing more than my totem animal necklaces of the wolf. The necklace with the African symbol I feel like I'm honoring the land of my ancestors because harmony, peace, and courage combined in one necklace design that that's good brief description for me.

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