Age 6 9 10 11 12  or 13 and up??? Let it depend on what type of attitude your kid currently shows you. Honesty and kindness would be easy to explain to a 6 year old using Tracy's negative scenes so young kids can see how careful they should be with decision making. At age 9 this film would be fine to explain that you still have to be careful even if you truly accept integration so the 9 year kid can see integration or not it's reactions that made the difference not events around the world. A kid 10 well this film is quite good for explaining when you and your friend are both going through something hard but you're still friends using scenes of Tracy's courage and her scenes of supporting the African American students, 11 and 12 those are the ages that kids would start to feel quite curious about romance at so those are the two ages parents could tell their kid what they were mainly hoping about their kids' future. And then as usual let age 13 be the age they learn teenager year stuff but if you wish use this film of Hairspray as the film to explain your opininon of how to choose your boyfriend / girlfriend wisely and if you wait until age 16 well I'd let that be the year parents explained to sort of cooperation they were hoping their kid would have strong will for. However an active musical film like this don't let people's reviews on webstites boss you, I'd say let such  films depend on what age your very own culture starts the most social events at. It's a film that shows lots of romance but it's a film with everybody different enough to use for lessons of personal attitude while a your child is still growing up too. I started to learn attitude description of my mother with my Grandma using the film of the Lion King At Age 4, but live-action films like this one are sensible for attiude and personality lessons too. This film Hairspray is fine for a live-action film useful for trying to explain doing what you believe is right even if there are people treating harsh because that's the main thing Tracy herself went through while supporting Maybelle and Seaweed plus the harsh ways Penny was treated by her mother never gentle on the poor girl but always strict and abusive however that didn't stop Penny from helping Tracy and her new friends.

Plus this films songs fit quite a few different events if you give their lyrics some thought so NO don't let reviews boss you about which age is right. Romance is just the clearest subject of this film. However give the songs some thought and look.

1 Maybelle's song I Know Where I've Been that's made people cry or think about relevant stuff but it would also fit songs of wanting freedom or trying to say I believe harmony is beginning to form.

2 Run And Tell That well this fun peppy song it fits social parties you want to feel some joy at. Its lyrics are like you're standing up for yourself in a calm way. It fits romance. It fits peppy soul songs the Africans know very well how to form. It fits moments of saying you're not the same but we still welcome you. It fits moments of trying to tell others even if we're different we should live in peace. There's no doubt it would do fine with a few Hip Hop songs, it would also do fine with some of the soft rock love songs, this song would do fine with some of friendliest sounding pop songs This song's lyrics are so friendly it even fits songs used to soothe you quick, plus how many quick rhythm instrumental songs Run And Tell That could be put with too. It would also do quite fine with soundtracks that have similar songs including Must Love Dogs sountrack or Touched By An Angel soudtrack

3 You Can't Stop the Beat well that peppy song is done on stage however it fits moments of saying nothing can stop me now in a polite way. It's a song that surely says let go of the past and continue forward with some confidence. With the number of people this song is sung by it's also a song that says let's accept the way life goes.

4 Big Blonde and Beautiful that song definitely is mainly saying real beauty doesn't always do with your appearance and how you look isn't the real way to figure out who someone is. Maybelle's quotes in that scene with Tracy's mom mainly mean I look the way I do but I'm still pleased to be who I am, I'm not exactly who most people here in Baltimore think I am.

5 I Can Hear The Bells that's the most truly romantic song in the whole list of songs from this film

6 Mama I'm and Big Girl Now that's indeed a song telling parents I'm ready to start deciding for myself now so please let me choose my own fututure.

7 Without Love well that's a song kind of offereing expression of times you really enjoy someone's company and feel like it's hard to leave that person whether it's because you care or because of stuff like love.

The rest are sung for fun or those like It Takes Two and The Lady's Choice are optional of what school songs or love songs to add. 1988 too aggressive, 2002 sounds like it was quite fun I'm happy it led Hairspray to a remake, 2007 I can watch the remake of  Hairspray at least twice a day, 2016 interesting. Plus how many schools have done plays of this tale about Tracy Turnblad, it's YouTube's comments that prove this.

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