Because of being left out so frequently while people feared my seizures and my Autism during my school years I surely would have shared a few of the same emotions Tracy did, but I also would have had very little trouble standing up for the African Americans. Even today I'm just having to learn what to not say out loud about my feelings for this group if I'm near aggressive impolite people but I'd have an easy time choosing my speech of loyalty for Africans. Another way I would have been a little like Tracy is being next to an African American while they're spoken to disrespectfully by foes who don't control themselves in public won't stop me from staying close enough to help them, it's violence and harsh speech that scare me even though mockery just irritates me. At 29 years old it's the discrimination I'm having to get used to, however I'll let my friendship with African Americans continue even if teased through the day by rude people.  Tyrel Williams he's not the first African American for me to meet but he's the first fellow to mention romance to me.

Even if it's only been 3 full months but just 12 times to see each other at a Independence Center in Utah Tyrel WIlliams is calm, I looked after him to help him avoid emergency while an aggressive person chased him trying to hit him, just like Seaweed Stubbs frees Penny from her bedroom, if Seaweed Stuubs saved me my reaction would have been grattiude not fear or confusion But like Penny I'm always ready to learn more, including African stuff. But also like Tracy I have enough courage to try to outrun males even if they're running in a tricky way, I know this because this is what happened while I was chased in a school hall I was just lucky I didn't get stabbed by the one chasing me, thanks to another teen classmate saving me. And then like Seaweed Stubbs if I have permission I not afraid to touch an African American just like he wasn't afraid to hug Tracy.

Elijah Kelley's song Run And Tell That I would have been more active than Tracy herself because I'd be expressing enthusiasm, joy, and excitement all at once moving along with such a peppy song, but like Penny I would have done my best to keep calm in the classroom. A little like Tracy I can't control how deep my friendship with Tyrel Williams feels since his company helps me not feel out of place in public, but unlike Tracy I'm just pleased and surprised not proud.

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