It's up to you yourself Elijah Kelley it's just with my new friend I've suddenly become creative with fan fiction of animated films of wildlife, creative with your culture's style of music by sometimes secretly using it to express my feelings of Tyrel's company or knowing the list of peppy songs I'd let you play,  But here I enjoy your roles of fantasy and TV shows' songs on BET ( channel 56 ) enough that I'm quite willing to share some historic fiction book titles that do with your culture too since I have no trouble imagining you as one of the star actors.

Gorilla Dawn ( The Congo's history )

Sugar ( Lousiana's history )

Burn My Heart ( Kenya's history of European soldiers, but friendship included )

Ruby and Me ( another school story ) 

The Sweetest Sound ( this fiction book mentions times of African American meeting Chinese American in Chior )

Zora And Me ( Eatonville's history of Africans in Florida ) 

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