Elijah Kelley 4 years older than me, I can see him forming songs for Hairspray so it had some extra music or new related songs like Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast were formed by several film companies but later Cinderella got a CD that just shared the favorite songs from several of her films. Eliah Kelley could even form short reprises of the original Hairspray songs like the reprising  Phil Collins has done with songs like the Songs in Tarzan's soundtrack. If he wished to, even some of his culture's songs about soul ( music similar to the love songs on It's All About Soul CD ) could be formed for this loved remake of Hairspray for sure. Elijah Kelley's an expert dancer and a skillful singer who'd qualify all of these choices if any fans want the remake to have more than just its movie soundtrack.

What Would I Allow Elijah Kelley To Do For Hairspray's Remake, HERE. I'd put these 5 styles altogether!!

New songs that fit Hairspray's romance scenes

Favorite songs of Hairspray reprised

African soul music about love because it would fit the story just fine for Tracy and her three friends

Pure popular love song style

High rated original songs played on the new CD too

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