Elijah Kelley some of the films I'd choose as an all star cast to include you in the reasons is because I'm also a fantasy fan in addition to a lover of your culture's music, other choices are because I enjoy several of your people from other films whether live-action or animated.

People I'd put with Elijah Kelley who I like quite well

Whoopi Goldberg

Whitney Houston

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Eddie Murphy

Plus experts such as Meryl Streep

People I'd Surely Borrow the songs of in a film that included Elijah Kelley

Michael Jackson songs

Della Reese songs

Whitney Houston songs

new Elijah Kelley songs

Marvin Gaye songs

Natalie Cole songs

Queen Latifah songs

Lou Rawls songs

Films I'd choose Cast members from to put with Elijah Kelley for An All Star Cast

Mama Mia


Doctor Dolittle


Out Of Africa

Mia And The White Lion

Arthur And The Invisibles

Cinderella ( the version that has Whoopi Goldberg and Whitney Houston as two of the actresses )


Snow Dogs


The Lion King

Princess And The Frog ( by Disney )

Madagascar films

Cool Runnings

Happy Feet

If Elijah Kelley's people were offered  something that repspected stuff of their old days in Africa

A story similar to the Aristo Cats film, but more likely in the Egyptian area

A story of The White Giraffe ( inspired by the book, it mentions Zulu people )

If Elijah Kelley became a Lion Guard character's voice!! In The Future.

Meerkat Madness fiction books turned into video haha they're thought to be the sun angel

An Elephant tale, it's a common totem in Africa's own lifestyle

A Tale of Ethiopia similar to Aladdin's tale, but with different spirits to replace Genie

A Wild canine film that had foxes, jackals, Ethiopian Wolf, and African Wild Dog being friends  like All Dogs Go To Heaven or a bit like Balto's three animated films, their own video or Lion Guard episodes of the future these canines deserve their chance on TV screens in animation!! And I can sure hear Elijah Kelley singing as one of the leaders of these different species, He'd do great with the actress who does Reirei's singing voice for sure. Plus these wild canines at least some really old folklore found in a few African Folktale books, not only ancient spiritual tales.

A Baboon film done in animation that was musical enough for hire Elijah Kelley they're special to several groups of Africa.

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