Hey guys, Clumpy11 here! Today on my first blog post, I'll be discussing a theory I have about why the Corny Collins Show is corrupt, and how it is promoting stereotypes. 

For this theory to make sense, you need to have watched at least a part of the 2007 Hairspray movie, not the 1988 movie or know the basic plot of Hairspray. Anyway, let's get going!

  1. White  Supremacy: In the 1950s (when Hairspray is set), white people were considered better than black people. Google 'Racial Segregation' for stuff about the topic. Anyway, how the Corny Collins Show promotes white supremacy is how Velma Von Tussle (the manager of the show's channel, WYZT, I'll just call her Velma for now), only allows black people one day a month, in their own part of the show, Negro Day. Also, Velma says that she might even stop Negro Day. So, Velma is corrupting the show into white supremacy, as was considered normal in the 1950s. But there's more...
  2. Girl Body Image: When Tracy goes to the auditions for the first time to attempt to become the new member on TCCS (which she later does), Velma rejects her almost immediately because she is overweight. The body image for the girl dancers on the Show is supposed to be really skinny (notice how lots of the dancers are quite skinny). Tracy is the only one who is overweight, and she only gets in the Show after Link notices how good at dancing she is. So, the Show might be causing teenage girls to think that they are too fat and lose weight when they are actually perfectly healthy, in order to be more like the dancers on the Show.
  3. Velma is Corrupt herself: Now this is probably the most convincing one. Velma is struggling to keep the show together. She is considering firing the host of Negro Day (Seaweed's mother, Motormouth Maybelle), and Tracy, as she wants to make the show ingratiated and stop the promotion of the stereotypes which I explained earlier. Velma is a very corrupt manager for the show, and she is twisting the show to fit her dark motives of promoting white supremacy and other 1950s negative stereotypes. 

Anyway, that is my theory on how the Corny Collins Show is corrupt, how it's promoting white supremacy and girl body images, and how Velma is corrupt herself as the manager for the show. 

Thanks for reading, and this is just a theory; a Hairspray theory!

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