aka JewelSpark a soft winged hybrid

  • I live in Enchanted Wilderness
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is Protecting Nature, being a voice for the predators
  • I am Gentle and willing to accept others the way they are, a hardworker who doesn't mind how others want a task to be done. and I'm a volunteer useful for the libraries too, also 93% Fennec Fox in totem

Hello, Elijah Kelley's skills of singing and dancing brought me here, I enjoy his scenes more than Zac Efron's. I enjoy Elijah Kelley enough that he'll be the one mentioned the most on my blogs too. I'd invite Elijah Kelley if I was celebrating my outings with Tyrel Williams more actively, one of them is 5 years younger than me, the other one is 4 years older than me. But it's their culture's music that can lift me the quickest, that's why my nickname Jazzy Jazz fits me so well. Jazz Rag and Blues are what I can learn the quickest on the piano, and they're the styles that bring me instant joy, but the quick rhythm songs like Run And Tell That are the styles that make me want to have a short outdoor party, I love peppy songs like Trashing the Camp, Hakuna Matata, Sisi Ni Sawa ( We Are The Same ) Upendi, Zuka Zama, I Love Groovy People, You'll Find Another Love Like Mine.

Plus with Africa being the continent I can see the courage of I can also think of my new friend Tyrel and imagine baboons and gorillas being good friends with wild canines. Africa's also the continent I have the strongest enthusiasm of even though I'm Hispanic, part of that is my compassion is real, other bits of my enthusiasm of Africa does with my long ago family history including some Jews. But I don't mind where you're located,hints of my Jewish ancestors deepen my emotions for other Africans too, the truth of this is always clear because my frown of sorrow is always huge whether the struggle is modern or historic, plus my clear firm expression of frustration sometimes seen in public because of me caring about other people's safety. I'm one of them who'll treat the Africans peacefully absolutely, because knowing a little family history it always feels like I'm looking at long lost / long forgotten cousin when Africans are in my sight. It's since early childhood I've understood their ancient culture thanks to the old stuff some animated films of Africa introduce, plus that I'm willing to also read historic fiction and non-fiction books of Africa too. With my bravery to still help people my ancestors secretly used to live close to I've even already had Tyrel called me Body Guard during a trip, he experiences some of the agression other people treat the African Americans with, however I'll help these brave people avoid emergency when they can't do it alone in public. Tyrel Williams and me, we're both a person with disability laughed at frequently but for different reasons, however we also share plenty of similarities to comfort each other quite quick. Even if made fun of I'm willing to save an African before he / she is chased, whacked, or knocked to the ground, I was chased in public myself in a school hall.

So even though I don't know how deep an African's emotions are I'm sympathetic about the difficulties of being frequently treated like you're bad when actually your positive side is just way misunderstood. My Autism and my personality are both misunderstood by lots of people, my teacher expected too much of me so I was forced to be home schooled, they misunderstood my confusions, and in personality I'm loyal but not afraid to talk for others. I'm even sorry about how much Elijah Kelley is made fun in the YouTube video comments whether his Hairspray film or his BET episode roles.

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