The Nicest Kids in Town (Reprise)

Sung by:

Corny Collins, Tracy and The Corny Collins Show Members


Corny Collins, Tracy and The Corny Collins Show Members


The Corny Collins Show Studio

Preceed by:

Ladie's Choice

Followed by:

The New Girl in Town

The Nicest Kids in Town is the song that introduced Tracy Turnblad to The Corny Collins Show, Edna and Wilbur know that Tracy is the show and Edna feels bad for persuading Tracy not to follow her dreams to dance on her favorite local television show.

Plot Edit

After Tracy gets chosen by Corny as the new lead dancer when he gets impressed by her dance moves at the school dance, Penny is seen running towards the Turnblad's apartment, calling for Tracy's parents to drop whatever they are doing and drags them to their living room.

They made it just in time to see Tracy live on television, which shocks Edna. The three cheer her on as Tracy takes the stage, and after the dancing had finished, Corny introduces her as the show's newest council member.

It is also notable during this sequence, Amber's hatred for Tracy worsens when Tracy proclaims her plan to spread racial integration, as well as hoping for the chance to take part in the upcoming Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant.

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