The New Girl In Town

Sung by:

Amber, Shelley, Tammy
and The Dynamites

Solos by:

Amber, Shelley, Tammy and The Dynamites


The Corny Collins Show Studio

Preceeded by:

The Nicest Kids in Town (Reprise)

Followed by:

Welcome to the '60s

The New Girl in Town is a song singed by Amber, Shelley, and Tammy, as well as "The Dynamites" during the Negro Day segment of the song.

Plot hi what’s up broooooooo Edit

This song takes place after Tracy becomes the lead dancer on the Corny Collins Show. As the song goes on, it shows how Tracy's new role is affecting her popularity and subsequently Amber's.

Her performance is instantly well-received by the whole of Baltimore, as seen where Wilbur's store gets turned into a store selling Tracy paraphernalia, ranging from "bobble-head" dolls to replica Tracy wigs.

We also see that as Tracy continues to participate in the Corny Collins Show, her chances of winning the upcoming Miss Teenage Hairspray Pageant increases until she almost surpasses Amber, much to Velma's consternation.

Next, we see the vast gap in popularity between Tracy and Amber, where Tracy's dressing table is littered with fan letters, gifts, and flowers; Amber's is virtually empty.

Because of Tracy, hairspray sales have dramatically increased. As Mr Spritzer shares this information with Velma, Tracy walks by with two supposed fans and an ecstatic Mr Spritzer hurries after her, much to Velma's horror.

Lyrics (The Corny Collins Show version)Edit

Hey look out for that moving van Driving down our streets You better lock up your man Before he meets

Who just came on the scene

The New Girl In Town

Can't be more than sixteen

And she got a way of makin' A boy act like a clown Wo-oo, wo-oo, wo-oo, wo-oo, wo-oo 'Bout the new girl in town The New Girl In Town

Seems to dance on air

The New Girl In Town

TShe's got the coolest hair

You better tell the homecoming queen To hold on to her crown Wo-oo, wo-oo, wo-oo, wo-oo Or she's gonna lose it to The New Girl In Town

She's hip, she's cool

I'm gonna get her after school

And yet we'd like to be her 'Cause she's the kitten The cat's prefer

Ladies step aside

Lyrics (The Dynamites) versionEdit

The new girl in town has my guy on a string
The new girl in town, hey look, she's wearing his ring!
I can't stop crying and so in my own tears I'm gonna dro-own
He wants to rendez-vous with the new girl
We're kind of sad and blue
Yes it's true girl
We'd like to say to the new girl in town
the new girl in town
wo-oo, wo-oo, wo-oo, wo-oo
From out of the blue girl
This town's in a stew girl
What a hullabaloo girl
She ain't just passing throught girl
She's sticking like glue girl
To the man I thought I knew girl
wo-oo, wo-oo, wo-oo, wo-oo
Hey look out for that moving van
Look out, look out, look out, look out
She was the new girl in town.

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