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Title Shelley
Gender Female
Race White
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Shelly does not like Amber. This is the main purpose of her character of the movie(for the most part). They had a fake friendship.

Shelly has a ginger bob, blue eyes, and red lips. She often wears floral dresses like Amber and was seen stuffing tissues into her best to make her look more attractive . She is a good dancer but seems to be stuck in Amber's shadow.

We notice Shelly's hate for Amber during "The Nicest Kids in Town" when she pushes Amber in the dance. This is why Amber almost calls her a whore before Link steps in. Shelly was seen giving Amber the evil eye during "The New Girl in Town". Finally when the Council girls dance for the title of Miss Teenage Hairspray Shelley tries to hit Amber. She looks back to see if she got her but unfortunately Amber catches on and moves back. They give each other dirty looks before it's Amber's turn to dance.

Trivia Edit

Originally played by Shoshana bean in the Broadway cast. She had brown hair and her wig resembled Tracy's wig. She sang the "Mama I'm a Big Girl Now" playout.

She scored third place for the Miss Baltimore competition, with 903 votes.

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