Paulie is one of the dancers (Male on top right on the picture, with the red hair) on the Corny Collins show and is known as part of Corny's Council. During the "Nicest kids in town" he is introduced before Noreen and Doreen. It is assumed that he attends the same high school as the other dancers in the show.

During "Miss Baltimore Crabs", he can be seen dancing with Velma Von Tussle (Miss Baltimore crabs) before she watches the new dancers and picks on them before dismissing them.

During the Miss Hairspray '62 contest, he is seen dancing along the other dancers on the show and he is also seen dancing in "You can't stop the beat", the final song in the movie.

Like most of the dancers in the Corny Collins show, he was likely born in the late 1940's, making him a teen when the film is set in 1962, Baltimore. Like the other dancers at the end of the film, he seems glad that the show is now integrated and he dances with everyone else to celebrate the new Corny Collins show.

In the 2007 movie, he is portrayed by Everett Smith (II)

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