220px-Nikki Blonsky LF

Blonsky at the Slim-Fast fashion show on January 8, 2009

Nikki Blonsky played Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray (2007 film). dear nikki blon sky my name is abbym dugas thats me  it is me i am in ashgrove we just moved inn last dec 21 th. what you work at dariy place you got your first job ice cream shop you give people someice cream to have a great day what is your story is about you in the movie its called hairspray really about your boyfriend is a killer in pretty little  liars its him at the dollhouse trying to alison and her exfriends or mona vandrwall you haven t meant her okay i 'm sure she is a monster grave danger she was a cow heard she is she was in that dollhouse dreesd as alison lauren dilaurentis is not her at all spencer drake dilaurentis alison new sister she has a mother her name is mary drake dilaurentis thats her candle light to speak too her beyond her grave she killed someone is a man his name is archer dunhill she killed him  he is  a monster to she  is in charge of him 

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