"Nice white kids
Who like to lead the way
And once a month
We have our Negro Day!"
-- from The Nicest Kids in Town

Because WYZT is still segregated, Negro Day is the only day of the month that the Corny Collins Show features people of color.

Motormouth Maybelle is the DJ for the event. She does her best to spotlight local black talent, even when it risks upsetting the station manager.

In one altercation, Velma Von Tussle is upset that The Dynamites sang "The New Girl in Town," despite the fact that Amber had performed a version of the same song earlier in the week. Stunned, Maybelle just responds, "but they wrote it." This alludes to several instances throughout the early 20th century where white artists took credit for songs (and dances) that black artists originated. Despite Velma's attempts to steal it, Maybelle makes sure that The Dynamites are able to perform their original version.

Motormouth Maybelle and the Negro Day dancers are forced to put up with racism from all sides, including from their sponsor, Nap-A-Way. (When Maybelle sees who the sponsor of the show is that day, her face falters before she grits out, "Nap-A-Way. For stubborn hair. Every kink will be gone in a blink." Even members of the cast struggle to keep smiling as they are forced to promote the hair relaxer, a controversial hair care item aimed at black people that often caused chemical burns and other medical issues.

Later in the show, Negro Day is cancelled by Velma, leading to mass protests calling for TV integration. At the end of Hairspray, The Corny Collins Show is officially integrated, ending Negro Day.

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