"Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now" is a song from the 2002 Hairspray musical. The song was sung by Tracy, Amber, and Penny whilst the girls were arguing with their mothers. This was the only song not to be heard in the 2007 film; however, it is heard in the end credits, being sung by Ricki Lake, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Nikki Blonsky, the actresses who played Tracy in all three "Hairspray" variations. Lyrics:PRUDY:Don't contradict me!VELMA:Don't disobey me!EDNA:Don't even think about going to that audition.GIRLS:Please?MOMS:No!GIRLS:Mother!MOMS:Stop!PENNY:Stop telling me what to doMOMS:Don't!AMBER:Don't treat me like a child of twoMOMS:No!TRACY:I know that you want what's bestMOMS:Please!TRACY:But, mother, pleaseGIRLS:Give it a rest!Chorus:ALL:Stop, don't, no. Please! (x3)GIRLS:Mama, I'm a big girl now!TRACY:Once upon a time when I was just a kidYou never let me do just what the older kids didBut lose that laundry list of what you won't allowGIRLS:'Cause mama, I'm a big girl now!EDNA:Oh, Tracy!AMBER:Once upon a time I used to play with toysBut now I'd rather play around with teenage boysSo if I get a hickey, please don't have a cow!GIRLS:'Cause mama, I'm a big girl now!PENNY:Ma, I got to tell you that without a doubt,I get my best dancing lessons from youYou're the one who taught me how to twist and shoutBecause you shout non-stop and you're so twisted, too!(oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh!)TRACY:Once I used to fidget, 'cause I just sat homeAMBER:But now I'm just like Gidget, and I got to get to Rome!PENNY:So say "arrivederci"!TRACY:"Tootle-loo!"AMBER:And "ciao"!GIRLS:'Cause mama, I'm a big girl now!(Chorus)GIRLS:(hey, mama, say mama)TRACY:Once upon a time I was a shy, young thingCould barely walk and talk so much as dance and singBut let me hit that stage, I want to take my bowGIRLS:'Cause mama, I'm a big girl now!AMBER:(oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh!)Once upon a time I used to dress up "Ken"But now that I'm a woman, I like bigger menAnd I don't need a Barbie doll to show me howGIRLS:'Cause mama, I'm a big girl now!GIRLS:Ma, you always taught me what was right from wrongAnd now I just want to give it a tryMama, I've been in a nest for far too longSo please give a push and mama, watch me fly!AMBER:Watch me fly!GIRLS:Hey, mama, say mamaPENNY:Someday I will meet a man you won't condemnAMBER:And we will have some kids, and you can torture themTRACY:But let me be a star before a take that vowGIRLS:'Cause mama, I'm a big girl now!PENNY:Oh, oh, ohhhh!GIRLS:Mama, I'm a big girl now!AMBER:Hey, hey, hey, heyyy!GIRLS:Mama, I'm a big girlAMBER:Ooh, such a big, big girlGIRLS:I'm a big girl now!(Chorus)GIRLS:Mama, I'm a big girl now!

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