Lou Ann Levorowski is one of the dancers on the Corny Collins show. In the 2007 movie, she sings as one of the backup dancers in the song 'The Nicest Kids In Town'. 

Lou Ann is also in Hairspray Jr. She is the one right before Link who is one of the stars. In turn Lou Ann is always forgotten. In Hairspray Jr. she is in almost half of the scenes and has her own line "What color is your princess phone" during the audition scene and comes into the P.E. scene wearing a wig. She is a very fun character to play if you are doing Hairspray.  

She is red-headed with a plait, a blue floral dress, and blue beads. She draws more attention than the other council members, as she is slightly over-weight in some adaptations and red-headed, whereas the others are slimmer and brunette/blonde.

Her only line is "Lou Ann!" in Hairspray before running to the back of the line in The Nicest Kids In Town.

In the musical version, she has some lines/featured parts (Miss Baltimore Crabs).

Lou Ann is clearly the best nicest kid in town and she is also the best dancer . She's really pretty and she is NOT fat , she's just thiccy thicccc. She's not a thot unlike Shelly and Brenda, both fellow nicest kids in town. Lou Ann is the best at everything and y'all can suck her dick.

Lou Ann is a little bit wacky, she tries to be cool and win the Miss Baltimore Crown, but alas fails, resulting in her becoming just a more unnoticed person then before. Sorry, not sorry gurl...

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