Ladies' Choice

Sung by:

Link Larkin


Link Larkin



Preceded by:

I Can Hear The Bells

Followed by:

The Nicest Kids in Town (Reprise)

Ladies' Choice is a song sung by Link Larkin and featured on the 2007 film soundtrack and movie.

Plot Edit

With the record hop under full swing, we see the clear segregation in the school's hall, with a demarcation rope separating the whites and the blacks.

During the dance, Tracy asks Seaweed to show his moves in order to get Corny's attention, but he can't, due to the clear racial segregation. Despite her protests, Seaweed lends his moves to Tracy, which she happily accepts.

After giving a snide smirk towards Amber, Tracy steals the spotlight, and her dance moves catch the attention of both Link and Corny, much to Amber's horror.

Her dance moves were so impressive, Corny immediately chooses her as the next council member of the Corny Collins Show and as well as its lead dancer.

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