Hairspray 2: White Lipstick would have been the 2013 straight-to-DVD sequel to Hairspray starring the original cast of the 2007 film. It was set to release in theaters on August 31 2013, but the project was cancelled.

According to John Waters, the director of the first film:

"I wrote a whole script, but it never happened. But it still could. You never know – Hairspray is the gift that keeps on giving.

You see, Hairspray 2 – well, it’s called White Lipstick, really – is about when the real sixties hit and [The Corny Collins Show] isn’t popular anymore. It’s the new hip coming in – which really happened. So, you know, the black kids want to have their own version of the show now – they don’t want to have to share with the white people!

Little Inez kind of turns into Angela Davis. Link has to pretend that he is British to get a singing career kind of going – because the Beatles just hit and everyone wanted their kind of music. So, he has these pimples underneath his Beatles haircut because he never washes it, and, so they start singing to him – kind of like the Chipmunks."


  • The story will look at Tracy Turnblad as she enters the late '60s era of music, set against the Vietnam War and the British invasion. To Save His Baby Brother Tony Turnblad From The Evil Bully Will Sanders
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