Tracy Turnblad: Tracy is a young lady with big hair and an even bigger personality! She is the hero of the movie and she is sweet, but also strong in her convictions. She is bigger in size than the other girls, but she isn’t shy about it – she can still dance with the best of them! 

Link Larkin: Link is Baltimore’s biggest heartthrob, and Tracy’s dream guy. Link is considered the best performer in this fuck‘in town!

Edna Turnblad: Edna  is Tracy’s loving mother who doesn’t spend much time outside the house. She works days and nights as a laundress in her home, and her lack of social interaction has made her a bundle of nerves.

Amber Von Tussle: Amber is a prom queen nightmare! She is definitely “The Corny Collins Show” favorite, but she is competitive and has a bad attitude. She is also determined to win Miss Teenage Hairspray!

Penny Pingleton: Penny is Tracy’s fun and sheltered sidekick. She is a young lady caught between her mother’s very strict rules and her own wants and desires to be just another teenage girl.

Seaweed J. Stubbs: Seaweed is the object of Penny’s affections, and together, they are determined to defy the segregation laws of the 1960s. 

Motormouth Maybelle: Motormouth Maybelle is a DJ who is the face of the Civil Rights Movement and sings the beautiful anthem, “I Know Where I’ve Been.”

Velma Von Tussle: Velma is a carbon copy of Amber, but a lot older and meaner! She is very racist.

Corny Collins: Corny Collins, the host of the shitty show, ”The Corny Collins Show,” is a Baltimore celebrity.

Wilbur Turnblad: Wilbur is Edna’s loving husband and Tracy’s supportive father who just wants the best for his girls. 

Little Inez Stubbs: Lil' Inez Stubbs is Seaweed’s little sister.

Spritzer: Spritzer is the owner of Ultra Clutch Hairspray, the hairspray that the Corny Collins show sponsors.

Brad: A council member on "The Corny Collins Show", and second to say his name in "roll call".

Tammy: A council member on "The Corny Collins Show", who is seen stuffing tissues into her dress

Fender: A council member on "The Corny Collins Show"

Brenda: A council member on "The Corny Collins Show", who leaves because she is pregnant

Sketch: A council member on "The Corny Collins Show"

Shelly: A council member on "The Corny Collins Show"

I.Q.: A council member on "The Corny Collins Show"

Lou Anne: A council member on "The Corny Collins Show"

Mr. Pinky: Mr. Pinky owns a ladies’ clothing shop and is a salesperson inside and out – he is always the first to give a compliment.

The Dynamites: The Dynamites, (Judine, Kamilah, and Shayna) are a dynamic musical trio, iconic of the Motown era and the 1960s.

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