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Brenda is a dancer on The Corny Collins Show in the 2007 film production of Hairspray. She is played by actress Cassie Silva.  

Characteristics Edit

Brenda has dark hair and pale skin. She is fond of cooler colours like green, purple and blue. All colours are on her dresses that she is seen dancing in during "Nicest Kids in Town" and "Miss Baltimore Crabs." 

Brenda is also a noticeably good dancer. At the beginning of the movie, you can see that she is beating Amber in the Miss Hairspray pageant. Her name is later replaced with Tracy's after she leaves. 

She also has a tendency to try to flirt with any guy within a two foot radius. Even after it's confirmed she is pregnant, she is seen trying to kiss a boy on the cheek behind Link during "It Takes Two", while Tracy is dancing to "Ladies Choice" she is seen in the background paying attention to a boy close to her, and during "Miss Baltimore Crabs" when Velma says "Girls, go get 'em" you can see Brenda walking away. 

She also seems to be pretty bad at some sports. In the number "I Can Hear the Bells", she and some other female dancers on the show are seen making a horrible attempt at playing dodgeball.  

Story Edit

She announces that she's leaving the show for nine months just after Link Larkin sings "It Takes Two." It is presumed that she is pregnant, some believe with Corny Collins' child, because she states that she will be gone for nine months, after being shown arguing with Corny Collins in the background. Her absence opens up a spot on the show that Tracy auditions for and ends up filling.  

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