• SummonTheKraken


    September 11, 2020 by SummonTheKraken

    Hi everyone!

    Over the past few years, this Wiki has had a lot of problems with vandalism. It seems like there are no active Admins, Bureaucrats, or Moderators.

    I think it is time for the active users on this Wiki to have a discussion about how we can move forward. The easiest way to ensure that the Wiki stays as safe and accurate as possible would be to have someone adopt the Wiki, which I am willing to do.

    I have been contributing to Hairspray Wiki for over a year (nine months under this account). I have cleaned up massive amounts of vandalism, added new pages, and generally tried my best to make this Wiki the best that it can be.

    If allowed to adopt, I will make sure that there are mutliple moderators available so there is no chance of this …

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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Elijah Kelley you're sure the celebrity I think of the most when I think of music from your culture and my nickname is Jazzy Jas. But I can put animted music with your Hairspray soundtrack too. It isn't only your Run And Tell That song getting me almost like your fun jazz music it's also I'm getting to know  one of your people who I'm a good advocate for. He's simple to communicate with so he's someone I'm gaining self-understanding with he's also one I'm sharing clarity with,  we're even lucky about one having courage when the other one lacks it. In public situations he's treated me more considereately than most people, and he understands my fears by surprise. 

    I wish they'd let you do concerts Elijah Kelley I know your culture's music I'…

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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Hairspray's remake and Disney Channel's original film Jump In share the same main idea Tracy Turnblad and Izzy Daniels just have different scenes so the two fun films don't have the same messages however they're talking about the same subject. Whether it's Tracy Turnblad or Izzy Daniels who seemed stronger during the challenge of doing what's right for yourself depends on which chapter you're talking about while comparing Hairspray's remake and Jump In.

    From the beginning Tracy knew her dream of dancing on the show and doesn't let Amber's mockery stop her from joining the Corny Collins show Tracy also isn't as nervous about joining the Corny Collins show as her mother was at the beginning. Izzy at the beginning of Jump In he didn't yet hav…

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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Age 6 9 10 11 12  or 13 and up??? Let it depend on what type of attitude your kid currently shows you. Honesty and kindness would be easy to explain to a 6 year old using Tracy's negative scenes so young kids can see how careful they should be with decision making. At age 9 this film would be fine to explain that you still have to be careful even if you truly accept integration so the 9 year kid can see integration or not it's reactions that made the difference not events around the world. A kid 10 well this film is quite good for explaining when you and your friend are both going through something hard but you're still friends using scenes of Tracy's courage and her scenes of supporting the African American students, 11 and 12 those are t…

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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Insight of several things, and sympathy of being teased even if your attitude is actually quite positive or even if you're quite strong about what you're experiencing, same thing with being teased about your wisdom. I'm sorry your culture even gets teased about stuff such as hair do Elijah Kelley, and there's nothing wrong with  your shortness or your face's shape. My understanding of not wanting to see the first film of Hairspray again doesn't just do with understanding how it feels to be forced to give up old ways that you yourself would rather continue to remember or how quick you can be feared even if you're quite gentle / loyal / friendly, other bits of understanding your thought of the first film of Hairspray also does with my new Af…

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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Because of being left out so frequently while people feared my seizures and my Autism during my school years I surely would have shared a few of the same emotions Tracy did, but I also would have had very little trouble standing up for the African Americans. Even today I'm just having to learn what to not say out loud about my feelings for this group if I'm near aggressive impolite people but I'd have an easy time choosing my speech of loyalty for Africans. Another way I would have been a little like Tracy is being next to an African American while they're spoken to disrespectfully by foes who don't control themselves in public won't stop me from staying close enough to help them, it's violence and harsh speech that scare me even though mo…

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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Elijah Kelley I'd say like Whoopi Goldberg and Meryl Streep you're good at doing several kinds of roles in several sorts of tales on TV and in movies scenes too. After meeting Tyrel Williams in public you're the singer I can't get out of my mind everytime I'm thinking of a cultural celebration with real joy peace and grattitude being nearly as active as your ancient music styles, I have no trouble accepting that your culture used to express emotions frequently outside near the wild, the dancing motions of your own culture are amazing Elijah Kelley. There are times the jazzy music rhythm of your culture is stuck in my mind for a while. But your film song Run And Tell That I used it as a song to dance along with near Tyrel Williams jump, swi…

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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Elijah Kelley some of the films I'd choose as an all star cast to include you in the reasons is because I'm also a fantasy fan in addition to a lover of your culture's music, other choices are because I enjoy several of your people from other films whether live-action or animated.

    People I'd put with Elijah Kelley who I like quite well

    Whoopi Goldberg

    Whitney Houston

    Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Eddie Murphy

    Plus experts such as Meryl Streep

    People I'd Surely Borrow the songs of in a film that included Elijah Kelley

    Michael Jackson songs

    Della Reese songs

    Whitney Houston songs

    new Elijah Kelley songs

    Marvin Gaye songs

    Natalie Cole songs

    Queen Latifah songs

    Lou Rawls songs

    Films I'd choose Cast members from to put with Elijah Kelley for An All Star Cast

    Mama Mia


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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Okay people stuff related to Hairspray's remake Elijah Kelley's song Run And Tell That doesn't only make me think of luckily finding a real friend at school during such a scary uneasy era of life, but the song's also able to make me think of romance expressed privately, school tales that have some joy to share, active celebrations including the wonderful ways Africans celebrate events of life outdoors altogether, this song even makes me think of when you feel out of place but you've finally found someone you know you can share your harmony with. My insight helps me see what parts of my life have a few similar to parts of what Elijah  Kelley's people  have experienced for years.

    1 Just lucky I'm able to help my Grandma prevent discriminatio…

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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    It's up to you yourself Elijah Kelley it's just with my new friend I've suddenly become creative with fan fiction of animated films of wildlife, creative with your culture's style of music by sometimes secretly using it to express my feelings of Tyrel's company or knowing the list of peppy songs I'd let you play,  But here I enjoy your roles of fantasy and TV shows' songs on BET ( channel 56 ) enough that I'm quite willing to share some historic fiction book titles that do with your culture too since I have no trouble imagining you as one of the star actors.

    Gorilla Dawn ( The Congo's history )

    Sugar ( Lousiana's history )

    Burn My Heart ( Kenya's history of European soldiers, but friendship included )

    Ruby and Me ( another school story ) 

    The S…

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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Elijah Kelley 4 years older than me, I can see him forming songs for Hairspray so it had some extra music or new related songs like Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast were formed by several film companies but later Cinderella got a CD that just shared the favorite songs from several of her films. Eliah Kelley could even form short reprises of the original Hairspray songs like the reprising  Phil Collins has done with songs like the Songs in Tarzan's soundtrack. If he wished to, even some of his culture's songs about soul ( music similar to the love songs on It's All About Soul CD ) could be formed for this loved remake of Hairspray for sure. Elijah Kelley's an expert dancer and a skillful singer who'd qualify all of these choices if any f…

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  • Beverlyjones

    A faux Queen is an actress who mimics drag queens. Other names for them include “female female impersonators” and “female impersonator impersonators.”

    So yeah, if I were directing an adaptation of Hairspray or if I knew about faux queens at high school, I would choose a faux Queen to play Edna.

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  • Clumpy11

    Hey guys, Clumpy11 here! Today on my first blog post, I'll be discussing a theory I have about why the Corny Collins Show is corrupt, and how it is promoting stereotypes. 

    For this theory to make sense, you need to have watched at least a part of the 2007 Hairspray movie, not the 1988 movie or know the basic plot of Hairspray. Anyway, let's get going!

    1. White  Supremacy: In the 1950s (when Hairspray is set), white people were considered better than black people. Google 'Racial Segregation' for stuff about the topic. Anyway, how the Corny Collins Show promotes white supremacy is how Velma Von Tussle (the manager of the show's channel, WYZT, I'll just call her Velma for now), only allows black people one day a month, in their own part of the sho…
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  • Laniegirl

    Worst fears confirmed

    June 21, 2017 by Laniegirl

    Oh shit I'm the only one actually editing this wiki

    So much for Luke Rebuke actually helping Hairspray wiki get some good attention...

    Guess I'm on my own. So sad.

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  • Laniegirl


    June 20, 2017 by Laniegirl

    Honestly, I'm just trying to get points, don't hate me. It just seems like writing a blog post is a good idea, ya know? Well, I just got out of school (10th grade is over woop woop) and I spent last night rewatching Hairspray. I also made a series of videos on my fan account called HIDDEN HAIRSPRAY where I showed three different things that aren't totally noticable when watching Hairspray for the first time.

    Amber and the Dancer

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  • LukeRebuke

    This Wikia is making progress and has turned out great, but it still needs a lot of work done! We have been aware that most pages are stubs and I will fix that problem as soon as I can. Many things are in progress and we are trying to add new features and telling other Wikians about Hairspray Wiki...

    • There has been pages that has been started but not completed, but has some quality! Like for example: The New Girl in Town.
    • Spam and inappropriate cussing on some pages and comments that aren't needed and will be reported to the Wikia Staff, to get the problem fixed. For Example: Bobby
    • There has also been a reporting about untrue or "fake" information on many pages and (or) comments and will try to get fixed as soon as possible!
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